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Pierre Souvestre

1874 – 1914

Pierre Souvestre Souvestre’s most famous creation, Fantômas (1913).

Pierre Souvestre was a French lawyer, journalist, writer and organizer of motor races. He is mostly remembered today for his co-creation with Marcel Allain of the fictional arch-villain and master criminal Fantômas. He was born in Plomelin, a commune in Finistère, Brittany.

In 1909, already a well-known figure in literary circles, Souvestre collaborated with his assistant Allain on their first novel, Le Rour. Investigating Magistrate Germain Fuselier, later to become a recurring character in the Fantômas series, appears in the novel.

Then, in February 1911, Allain and Souvestre embarked upon the Fantômas book series at the request of publisher Arthème Fayard, who wanted to create a new monthly pulp magazine. The success was immediate and lasting.

Souvestre died of a congestion of the lungs. After his death, Allain continued the Fantômas saga alone.

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From the imaginative standpoint Fantômas is one of the richest works that exist.

Guillaume Apollinaire
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